2007 Timeline

Early October: Marco, Giacomo, Amanda, and Meredith run into Guede in the town center then go back to the boys place downstairs.

Mid October: Meredith and Amanda spend a day at the Eurochocolate festival in Perugia. They watch the “funk” band. Amanda videos Meredith, a recording not seen publicly until it is included in the Netflix documentary in 2016.

Oct 20: Giacomo, Marco, Amanda, Meredith, and several others go to the Red Zone night club. Amanda meets Daniel de Luca and spends the night with him in her room. Meredith spends the night downstairs with Giacomo. Rudy Guede comes looking at the house, and not finding anyone home, goes to Le Chic to find Amanda but she’s not there.

Oct 21: Guede watches the Formula 1 Grand Prix with Giacomo and Marco, and they tell him they were at the Red Zone the night before.