Comparison of knox & peterson cases

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Scott Peterson Amanda Knox &
Alabi Fishing solo on first time out with boat; cut trip short; provided time-stamped release from marina that morning Multiple-Knox-Initially claimed at Sollecito’s all evening.Then handwritten note ruled acceptable as evidence stated she “didn’t know” if she really was at apartment shared by her and victim that night.Testimony on stand claimed at Sollecito’s all evening.Knox’s layer acknowledged that Knox made conflicting statements. Sollecito-initially claimed at party in news report, then claimed at home all evening with Knox, then stated both of those were both ‘rubbish’final version claimed at home all evening and knox went out between 9pm and 1am;  but what he states he did that evening doesn’t match evidence (i.e. computer use/conversation with father )
Motives Prosecution contends money; and affair which started a month prior to the victim’s disappearance Prosecution- sex game gone wrong (?); theft of rent money discovered by victimBreak-in staged to cover up murder; Broken glass found on top of clothes in disarrayed room; thus showing glass broken after room was messed
Jury sequestering During deliberations only During deliberations only (13 hours)
DNA evidence presented by prosecution None Knox DNA on handle of same knife as DNA “compatible” with victim on blade; knife found in Sollecito’s apartmentSollecito DNA on cut-off bra claspMix of Knox & victim dna found in three blood spots in the bathroom, and in blood found in roomate’s room with broken windowMix of Knox & victim DNA found in other spots, including luminol revealed footprints
Additional evidence entered Missing anchors; scott claims used to patch drivewayTarp on boat, coated with gas, potentially ‘cleaning’ any evidence; viability of tarp and presence of gasoline diminished by police action in airing out tarp. Footprints revealed by Luminol not compatible with 1st person convicted (Guede)Luminol Footprints compatible with Knox & Sollecito; Prints attributed to Knox found in widely separated spots of the house.Only 1 fingerprint of Knox found in Knox’s apartment-on a glass in the kitchen; despite Knox claim she took a shower there that morning.

Evidence of clean-up which defense did not contest

Knife found in Sollecito apartment ‘compatible’ with one of the three neck wounds found on victim

Bra cut off after blood had dried, some time after death; Guede according to testimony had gone home then out dancing.

Blood Tiny spots on comforter; attributed to scott.None found in house Luminol revealed several footprintsVisible footprint in blood on pillow under victim’s body compatible with Knox (European size 37), not compatible with victimVisible footprint in blood on bathmat compatible with Sollectio; not compatible with GuedeGuede’s handprint found on pillowcase

Footprint on bathmat

Streak on bathroom door and spots in bathroom first noticed by Knox when she showers; knox then returns to Sollecito’s

Presence at scene ‘solo’ fishing trip in bay; prosecution couldn’t determine exactly where victim’s body was put into bay, so could not link together definitively with scott’s fishing location. No theory put forth on site of murder. knox- footprints compatible with knox revealed in luminol; DNA mixed with victim’s blood in drops.Sollecito DNA on bra claspWitness testimony places them in Plaza above apartment before/after time of death
Forensic Evidence Single hair in pliers from scott’s boat, ‘thought to be’ from victim Knife found ‘matches’ 1 of three wounds on victim
Call to police By scott Peterson on Dec 24th; exact date of disappearance not known National communication  police arrived to check out another incident; found Knox & Sollecito outside of house; Knox and Sollecito calls regular police shortly before. Sollectio reports “nothing’s been stolen”.
Arrested Over 90 days after disappearance; april 18, 4 days after victim’s body found Nov 6, 4 days after body found
Cause of death Prosecutor theorized suffocation or strangling, due to cracked ribs that happened at or near time of death; ultimate cause unknown Multiple knife wounds to neck (3)
Gag Order Imposed by court on primary individuals in trial; witness and attorney not under gag order unknown
Defense Argument Lack of direct evidence; downplay significance of circumstantial evidenceSomeone else abducted, then framed scott.
Contended the baby was born, thus negating date of death of dec 24.Put forth argument that vagrants in park and/or mysterious van seen in neighborhood may have been connected to disappearanceMedia quote: “Potentially damning physical or forensic evidence is scant in the Peterson case. Scott’s attorney, Mark Geragos disparaged it as “zero, zip, nada, nothing.” That’s not quite accurate – but it’s close.”
DNA evidence not of sufficient quantity to determine match
Does not dispute evidence of cleaning; only that was not done by Sollecito & Knox
Bra clasp contaminated, since not retrieved till later
Character evidence Recordings of calls to mistress see any one of a number of articles and websites.
Character Evidence testimony Mistress testified peterson said two weeks before reporting disappearance he was a “widower” and would be spending first christmas w/o wifeContinually telephoned mistress after reporting victim missing.On one phone call peterson claimed to be in paris celebrating new years; when in fact actually at a candlelight vigil for the victim Witness and police testimony of Knox’s inappropriate behavior following murder.Knox & Sollecito at pizza parlor during candlelight vigil for victim.
Witness Testimony Three witness saw victim walking dog after the date prosecutors claim the victim was killed onSister of victim testified scott indicated he was going golfing that dayFather talked to scott on phone at noon; scott did not mention fishing. Witness testified spotted couple in plaza above Knox/victim apartment; stated Sollecito went to railing to look down to apartmentWitness testified Knox was at store at 7:30 am morning after murder, contradicting Knox story that she didn’t wake until 10.
Confession none Statement entered into court evidence as being done ‘voluntarily’ by knox; stated she couldn’t say for sure if she was or wasn’t at Knox/victim apartment that evening
Sentence Death 26 years for Knox, 25 years for Sollecito

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