an approach at looking at the evidence

What emerges in looking at the evidence is that much of the contradictory evidence can be set up as a diad (or a triad), such that one or the other happened, but not both. If these diads are put together in a table, then perhaps it can assist in navigating a path through the mountains of statements and evidence produced.. this is a rough outline of such an approach.

this is a document in progress.

 Points to innocence  Points to involvement Points to guilt  Comments
 Bra Clasp      
 Bra clasp contaminated at scene  DNA is Sollectio; no other Sollectio DNA collected in room; one
reference states no other Sollectio DNA found in significant amounts in apartment.
   Was sollecito examined for scratches
consistent with the bra clasp? (knowing
that a skin scratch could be mostly gone in
3 days)
 Bra clasp contaminated in lab-scientist error  (lacking testimony on procedure)    
 Victim DNA on blade  because of cooking accident Witness testimony indicates Victim never over for dinner  DNA on knife from crime  The legal implication of the DNA on
the knife is thus revealed; its the
primary evidence pointing to guilt,
although a reference I’ve seen stated that
italian law equates accomplices with
those committing the actual crime (confirm)
 Victim DNA not on knife-problem with DNA test; Sollecito Purgured     DNA on knife from crime  
 Footprints revealed in luminol are from other substance  Footprints are from blood    
 Footprints are not from Knox & Sollecito-someone elses foot prints  All other likely suspects excluded    
 Footprints are not from knox & sollecito-science faulty  footprints compatible with knox and sollecito    
 At Sollectio’s apartment all evening-remembering correctly  Sollecitio stated Knox went out sometime that evening    
 At sollectio’s apartment all evening- memory faulty  Witness testimonies place them in various places in town    
 1-No cleaning done at apartment  Knox’s fingerprints absent after claimed shower, evidence pointing to guede remains    
 2-Knox showered that morning, cleaning happened after (theory) Knox & sollecito showered at Knox’s apartment instead of Sollecito’s, then cleaned afterwards, thus no fingerprints.    
 3-Guede cleaned apartment  Left all evidence pointing to him, no motive to return    
 4-Someone else cleaned  All other likely suspects excluded    Early articles stated that two other person’s DNA was found on clasp, unknown if media reporting error.
Other DNA blood is victim’s mixed with average-level DNA    Mix of Knox & victim DNA found in other roomate’s bedroom.  
Knox doesn’t use washer & didn’t turn washer on.  .    UPDATED; no testimony washer was warm/running; testimony thus far is clothes in washer were ‘wet’.
Knox & Sollecito hadn’t noticed apartment issues and/or hadn’t decided to call police when nat police showed up.  Knox claimed to Nat Com police they’d already called police and the apartment was disturbed    
Break-in was robbery attempt. Glass found on top of clothes suggests window broken after clothes thrown about; laptop and other valuables remain.  Break-in was coverup  

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