About the bleach

This is specifically about the bleach purchases, and does not address the larger issue of a potential scene “cleaning” (of which bleach may or may not have been used).

Early on in the trial, there were news articles that receipts were found showing bleach purchased the morning of the 2nd, when the body was found. These early reports were inaccurate. Reportedly, a receipt was found at sollecito’s, but later reports indicate this receipt was dated significantly prior to the muder. Two bottles of bleach, one unopened, were apparently found at sollecito’s.

Early reports also indicate that the police testimony was that when they were at sollecito’s the time they picked up the knife, the place “smelled” of bleach. This supported the prosecution’s claim that the knife showed signs of cleaning, i.e. the scratch the DNA was found in.

Regarding Knox’s alleged bleach purchases, one of the witness testimonies  came from a shopkeeper who testified he saw knox waiting for his store to open the morning of the 2nd, when knox claims she was sleeping. The tesimony continued that after the store was opened knox “went in the back”  towards where the cleaning supplies were. However, the shopkeeper did not see if knox purchased anything, and no receipt for bleach was produced from this encounter, though all of the receipts from the store were apparently taken for evidence.   The shopkeeper added that sometimes there were sales that didn’t get receipts.

One pro-knox site reports contradictory testimony from a clerk at that same store, Marina Chiriboga,  working that morning. According to that site, the testimony was that she didn’t see Knox in the store that morning. The only report of this testimony however appears at that site, perugia-shock.blogspot.com. I can not find any italian or UK news articles mentioning this testimony around the date of the posting in that blog.

In an interesting coincidence, this same worker cleaned houses for students, and had cleaned Sollecito’s house up until earlier that year. Its reported that the prosecution presented her testimony that she never used bleach at sollecito’s, however without any direct references it is difficult to track down this witness’ testimony.

Italian news reports right after the murder had Knox and Sollecito being found outside the cottage with a mop by the communications police, but this is not mentioned at all in the Judge’s report on Guede’s sentencing. That report established a significant case for the post-murder manipulation of the crime scene, so the absence of mentioning the communictions police finding the pair with a mop is signficant.

Additional reports indicate that the testimony of the communications police during the Knox/Sollecito trial also did not raise this event. Nor has there been any information coming out of the trial about forensics tests on the mop. I found no italian press reports for 2009 that related to the communications police finding knox & sollecito with the mop being rasied at the trial.

One would presume that if there was something incriminating found on the mop, particularly that supported cleaning up a scene,  it would be widely known and have been mentioned in the ruling on Guede’s case.

The judge will write up a background for the decision, similiar to what was done for Guede’s trial. It may be that we will have to wait for that decision to clear up some of these questions.

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