How one xenophobe beats a year-long 10,000 page case

Yesterday, in an interview with Donald Trump, he weighed in on why he thinks Amanda Knox is innocent.. “I think I’m good at judging people. I study people (…). And I watched the Amanda Knox case unfolding in news reports. And this is not a guilty person.”

Whats even more impressive is who else Trump cites for support of his conclusion: “Even the prisoners think she’s innocent.”

Yes, one of the richest men in America is taking the word of prisioners in assessing the conviction of an american convicted of murder. Because he’s such a great judge of character.

Why, italian prisoners are even more reliable and trustworthy then.. well.. italian officials: “But Trump says ( Italian prosecutor Giuliano Mignini) is the one who should be in jail”.

Not content to let that rest, Trump continues with explaining the basis of his judgement of the prosecutor: “He looks like a madman to me. He looks like an absolute maniac. A nut job in my opinion. And it’s just my opinion.”

Yes, from listening to italian prisoners, watching the news, and sizing up the prosecutor, Trump concludes that Amanda Knox is not guilty.

I’m sure that will come to some relief to the italian jury who sat through hours of testimony, listened to the brutality of the senseless murder, and had to wade through the 10,000+ pages that constituted this trial.

But for Trump, its all about the American Girl (and he probably has a TM on that). “All I can do is speak up as a citizen of this country about a citizen of this country that was really treated very unfairly and it’s destroyed her life. She went to Italy to learn Italian.”

Trump apparently has no consideration for the young british girl who went to italy whose life was more then destroyed, it was taken from her unmercifully.

2 thoughts on “How one xenophobe beats a year-long 10,000 page case

  1. This is such a tragic case. I hope the Italian government will allow Amanda to be repatriated back to the States. Justice issues aside for the moment, the devastation that a family go through, caring for their loved one detained overseas, is more horrendous than some people can imagine.

    Donald Trump can go round and call foreign officials names like ‘nut job’ and ‘madman’ but he’s not the one sitting in an Italian prison, at the mercy of the Italians. What will be the repercussions for Amanda Knox by these outbursts? Unless he’s going to stand by her and her family, assist with legal costs etc… then his comments may have just dug the hole deeper.

    • I don’t know that it would be in her benefit to do that; apparently she enjoys a lot of benefits in the italian prision that she wouldn’t have here. She may potentially also lose out on the parole aspect according to others…

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