Evidence of Amanda Knox at the crime scene

Quotes from the english translation of the Massei “SENTENCE OF THE COURT OF ASSIZES OF PERUGIA” document (a.k.a. the “Motivations”).

[198] In the small bathroom, three traces of the victim’s blood were found on the bathmat; on the light switch plate with two switches there were traces “of diluted blood, blood presumably mixed with water, as it was pale pink in colour” (page 76) which also came from the victim; a sample was taken from the front part of the faucet of the sink, which yielded the genetic profile of Amanda Knox; another sample taken from a specimen visible to the naked eye on the edge of the drain of the bidet yielded the genetic profiles of the victim and of Knox, a genetic mixture also found on the box of cotton buds near the sink.
The drippings found inside the sink appeared to be diluted blood, pink in colour, proven by testing to be human blood and yielding the genetic mixture of the victim and Knox.

P192, “Motivations”

Continues below the fold:

She then explained the results obtained from the Luminol tests, stating that “this test was performed during the second search, at the end of all the other activities, on the floor of the following areas: Filomena Romanelli’s room, Amanda Knox’s room, the corridor, the living room-kitchen corner and the larger bathroom” (p. 83 of the transcripts). She pointed out that on the basis of this test, she could not say with certainty that blood was present, since other substances as well may cause Luminol
to glow. The sample called L1 in the inspection report, taken in Romanelli’s room, corresponded to the genetic profile of the victim; the sample called L2, also from Romanelli’s room, yielded a mixed genetic profile of the victim and Knox; the sample L3, taken from Knox’s room, as well as the other two (L4 and L5) yielded Knox’s genetic profile. Of the samples L6, L7, L8 and L9, only L8 (item 183) from the corridor, almost in the middle of the corridor in front of the door to Amanda Knox’s room, gave the result: victim plus Knox. The last sample L9 yielded no result

The samples taken from the handle, in the points indicated with the letters A, D, F were taken in order to verify the possible presence of DNA by the person who grasped that knife. In particular, for sample ‚A‛, a particular point had been chosen, ‚in which there’s the hand-guard‛ (page 95) and therefore, in all likelihood, the point where there was the most friction between the hand that grasped the knife and the handle. This sample yielded the result of Amanda Knox’s genetic profile.

Moving on to the findings taken from the small bathroom, it was pointed out that there was a substance most likely of a blood-derived nature on the ‚edge of the bidet drain‛; the sample was taken during the inspection in order to extract the specimen that yielded a genetic result of a mixed profile: victim plus Knox. It was positive for human blood. The same procedure was done on the container of cotton swabs that was on the sink. The collected sample revealed a mixed genetic profile: victim plus Knox and it tested positive for human blood. On the left part of the sink there was a trace, this too, most likely of a blood-derived nature since it was of a pinkish colour, like the others. This particular trace originated from the high part and went towards the drain, towards the lower part. The analysis provided the following results: human blood and the genetic profile of the victim plus that of Amanda Knox.


With reference to the traces enhanced by Luminol, the test performed on the floor of the various areas of the flat had given the following results: in Ms. Romanelli’s room the trace indicated as L1 revealed the victim’s DNA. In the same room, in a point closer to the [206] entrance, a trace (L2) was found that yielded as a genetic result the mixed profile of both the victim and of Amanda Knox.
The Luminol also revealed another foot print, left along the hallway and the genetic result of the sample was the genetic profile of Amanda Knox.
Another sample, also taken from the hallway, but in front of the wall that separates the victim’s room from Knox’s room, yielded a mixed genetic profile: the victim plus Knox.
She pointed out that Luminol also detects substances other than blood. However, the presence of DNA also meant, necessarily, that biological material was present (page 102).

Selected quotes are “From the translation prepared by unpaid volunteers from http://www.perugiamurderfile.org to promote a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding the death of Meredith Kercher and the case against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito in the English-speaking world”.

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