Jan 22nd 2010 Appeal Hearing

From Asca.it:

-court will establish a calendar for upcoming hearings

-seven witnesses potentially will testify to counter Curatolo’s testimony (he testified seeing Knox & Sollecito at the basketball court the evening of the murder)

-Specialists tasked to review the DNA materials and evidence regarding the knife and the bra strap will be sworn in.

From Canada.com

Conti and Vecchiotti, called in after the court ordered fresh tests on the presumed murder weapon, are expected to ask for 60 days to re-examine the DNA evidence used to convict the pair.

But the Seattle native’s lawyers have also questioned the reliability of the prosecution’s key witness, a homeless man Antonio Curatolo, who lives on a bench and who testified to seeing Knox and Sollecito the night of the murder.

Curatolo also claimed that he saw students on a bus that night coming from a discotheque in town, a detail challenged by the defence who say there was no disco open that night.

The court is likely to call on the manager of the disco and the bus driver to testify in later hearings. The outcome of the trial is expected some time later this year.


[Libero] adds a detail about the buses:

‘Witnesses of the prosecution allege that that night there were still in transit bus in the square in question, and some places were open.’ (“quella sera c’erano comunque degli autobus in transito nella piazza in questione e alcuni locali erano aperti.”)

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