One thought on “The appeal; what has been requested and what has been granted

  1. Knox’s DNA mixed with victim’s blood +Footprints revealed with Luminol
    – it was her bathroom, her DNA was all over it, she was checking the rooms on nov 2nd to see if something happend, her DNA was probably in multiple places, surprise surprise – there was NO DNA of Amanda Knox in the murder room;

    – From the Massei report:

    “To a question from the Public Prosecutor­­­, she confirmed that a genetic profile of Knox had been extracted from Exhibits 178, 179, 180, and this biological material, which could not be confirmed with certainty as being human blood, could have been, she affirmed, “saliva or skin cells” ; the police found in Sollecito’s apartment 14 luminol hits and none of them was blood;

    “Patrizia Stafanoni of the Policia Scientifica, who perpetrated this debacle, instead tested only for DNA. Only for DNA? You are looking for blood and you get a hit that could be blood or any of a dozen different substances, including bleach, and you don’t test to see if you hit the jackpot?”

    Multiple assailants – “Coroner Luca Lalli, who performed the autopsy, testified he couldn’t say with certainty whether Kercher had been raped, though bruises and cuts on her face, neck, hands and legs suggested violence during intercourse. Lalli initially told the court he also believed Kercher had been assaulted by more than one person, but under cross-examination, he said he could not rule out a single attacker”

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