Two sides to every story

Lifetime is running extended previews of what is now called “Amanda Knox; Murder on Trial in Italy”. During the preview, text flashes on the screen “There are two sides to every story.”  Meredith only shows up primarily in brief violent flashes, and also (apparently)  in  one out-of-place scene taken from Guede’s defense: a consensual intimate scene with Guede. If such a thing happened, it clearly undermines the whole break-in theory posited by Knox & Sollecito’s defense teams.

Below are some of the stills of the extended version absent from the version available on Youtube.

Knox & Sollecito meet at the concert. Voiceover: “In italy they say everything’s illegal and nothing’s forbidden.”
Voiceover of court announcer “Amanda Marie Knox”.
Knox & Sollecito
Knox & Sollecito; Start of voiceover “We suspect it started as some sort of sex game” (eventually culminating in scene of reporters on courthouse steps).
Voiceover (then scene) of british reporter saying “Foxy Knoxy swept into court like an invitee to a gala event”  


Edda: “She’s kind and she’s gentle”.
“Amanda, the angel face, she’s capable of anything.”
Edda: “You have no evidence”
“The police threatened me”
“They say I’m calm. I’m not calm.” Then later: “My conscience is clean”
“Why are you doing this to me?”  

9 thoughts on “Two sides to every story

  1. There are only two sides to the story: whether the Italian police and news media innocently picked the wrong people to pin the crime on or whether they did it intentionally. The idea that this they got the right people is so ludicrous based upon the actual evidence we have (instead of the made up nonsense being tossed around) that only idiots could believe it.

    • In a murder trial the two sides of the story are, of course, the guilt or innocent of the accused. The two sides of the story are not about the benevolence or malevolence of the prosecutor and the police- though that may form part of the defence’s case.

      There is more public information available then what is fed to america by its media, and there is more information available period available to the trial participants then there is publicly available.

      The mantra “there is no evidence” does no good when the defense takes 200 pages to argue against it.

      • The two hundred pages of arguments are the unfortunate result of Amanda Knox having to prove that she is not guilty. It comes from he fact that there are multiple assumptions in the Motivation Report. It also contains errors and positions not allowed to be presented in the original slow motion trial and allows for the improper use of the “compatible” concept.

        The Italian Constitution requires the suspects to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, Perugia has not accepted the news that Innocent is the only presumption allowed.

        The report that the jury took the position that “Hey, sometimes you could get crazy and maybe stab your friends”. This clearly indicates that they were working from assumptions of guilt. I guess “Case Closed” means case closed, whether the scientific evidence is collected or ignored.

        Knox is Innocent. Guede broke in through the window, robbed Mez, attacked her intimately, and stabbed her to death. It was his first murder so he covered her up before he spread her blood in the bathroom.

        Knox just happened to be the first to enter the house after the death, transmit her DNA in the bathrooms with the hair blower.

        Unfortunately the premature made-for-TV-movie will depict Knox unfairly.

      • It can depict Knox however it wants. The assumption of innocence should apply whether she was “foxy knoxy” who slept around, or “angel face” looking to get the most out of life and respectful of all living beings. The media gets it wrong in assuming that people are only one thing, but our short-lived attention span brought on by half hour tv shows and two hour movies will tolerate no other.

        Knox happens to be the one who:
        doesn’t have an alibi for the period of the murder (sollecito will not corroborate, and still does not to this day)
        has her DNA mixed with M’s blood. (Note that its -not- the DNA of the two people who lived in the house the longest, nor is it F’s DNA found in her own bedroom- its Knox’s. )
        Has the only reason to cover up a murder by arranging it to look like a break-in
        Cannot provide a consistent story of the 24 hour period the murder falls in.

        Scott Peterson was convicted on less evidence and is on death row. Where is the demand for his release?

  2. Believe in her or not, Amanda Knox is still a very frightened, very naive young lady who choose to stay in Italy to comfort Meredith’s father and stayed in Perugia to help the police rather than seek shelter with relatives in Germany.

    Let’s flood her cell with cards, letters and Valentine’s on February 14 (after Saint Valentine whose feast is on February 14.) Please mail by February 1 and packages will NOT be allowed into the prison.

    This gesture will cost you a measly $.98 in postage.

    Miss Amanda Marie Knox
    c/o Casa Circondariale
    Strada Pievaiola
    06100 Capanne (PG)

    Bless you!

    • I appreciate the compassion, but I have to wonder if its only reserved for Knox, and if so, then why.

      Knox’s defence complains that she was “subjected” to interrogation, which conflicts with your assertion that she stayed to -help- the police.

    • “According to the United States Bureau of Consular affairs, 2,500 Americans are arrested overseas each year.

      “Students cannot claim American citizenship abroad to avoid prosecution under another country’s laws. They can expect lengthy trials in a language that they cannot understand, lengthy prison terms and hard labor. In some countries, according to the Bureau of Consular affairs, one can even expect to be mistreated, have their trial delayed and spend a year in solitary confinement in “primitive conditions” before the judicial process starts to budge. Shumaker also says that once a law is violated overseas, there is little an embassy can do to help.

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