Lifetime trailer- the families respond

The recreated scenes of the murder released in the trailer for the Lifetime movie are getting press today.  Seattle site Kokomo News reports both families are upset, and adds

Meredith Kercher’s father, John Kercher, said the murder scenes are “absolutely horrific and I have asked and would hope the pictures are withdrawn,” according to a report in U.K.’s The Sun.

In a news irony, in the same article that The Sun reports on John Kercher’s request,  the tabloid newspaper reprints one of the most horrific scenes included in the trailer.

The Sun further reports Mr. Kercher as saying:

“It’s awful what these film people have done, your imagination runs riot as it is about what happened but to actually see it like this is very different and very distressing.

Kokomo News quotes the Knox family lawyer Carlo Della Vedova:

We find it very inopportune that a film is being made when the case is still active and an appeal’s taking place.

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