Hayden Pannetiere belives Knox treated unjustly; giddy to play role

The trailer out now is truly despicable. Included in the trailer is a dramatization of the actual murder. The entire movie is a dramatization of an ongoing case;  and both families have decried the movie. Included in stills and in the trailer are many things that contradict the findings of the court or are just made up.
According to True Justice, Lifetime had previously issued a public statement that the film would not show the act, however they seem to have gone back on that.
UK’s Sun is reporting that Knox’s lawyers have sent a legal notice to Lifetime requesting them not to air or distribute the film.
Access Hollywood did an on-set interview with Hayden, where Hayden reveals her excitement to play Amanda and her motivation to play Amanda as “innocent” or “innocent in who she was” depending on the interview.
Access Hollywood host:
It was the type of role the 21 year old heros star was thrilled to get.
“I think I started jumping up in the middle, I was right outside the set in the driveway and I started jumping up and down and doing a dance;
I’m so excited! This is going to be amazing!
Hayden’s earlier comments that  it was a two-sided role and she couldn’t play Knox as wholly innocent; however in other statements she states that her approach was to play Amanda as
Innocent in who she was
Hayden still empathizes with Knox and has passed judgments on aspects of the case . Her later interview comments on Amanda:
“Its important to realize that this girl was a real person and there were a lot of unjust things that were done to her.” 

“This girl.. 26 years.. to ruin 4 lives. I mean, this girl is not a threat to society… and not a danger to society.. she’s not.. she’s .. she’s.. a girl with aspirations and hopes and dreams, and whether she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.. or.. who knows.. you can speculate anything that happened, but that four lives were ruined, no matter what.”

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