Two sides to every story: Knox stepfather’s response to Lifetime film

In October 2010, Mellas is quoted by the West Seattle Herald as stating they had no intention of blocking the film

“Our lawyers have expressed that it is not the appropriate time to release a film, before the appeals process, but neither our lawyers nor we have said we would block the film,” said Mellas. “We have heard that the film’s producer said the film would not contain a verdict of innocence or guilt, and that it would allow the viewer to make his own decision.

“I have no criticism about making this film,” Mellas added. “Maybe they’re coming out with a story that will be good for Amanda. Lifetime has done a lot of good stories, with a platform of advocacy for wrongly accused prisoners. But I have never spoken with any of these people.”

Their position appears to have changed, now that they have seen the trailer. The UK’s Sun reports today that Amanda Knox’s stepfather wanted Hayden to meet with Amanda, and that they’ve formalized a complaint against Lifetime:

We have formalised a complaint against Lifetime. Some time back we asked Hayden to visit Amanda but they never got back to us after several conversations. We at least wanted her to meet for accuracy’s sake. It is ill-timed and inappropriate in many ways, so we have no other choice but to protest its airing.

Carlo Dalla Vedova, who is representing Knox at her appeal next month, said he had sent a “legal warning” to makers Lifetime instructing them to pull the trailer and film.

Mr Dalla Vedova said: “Certain scenes in the trailer are inaccurate and have been proved to be inaccurate during the trial, so to say the screenplay is based on events during the trial is also wrong.”

Mellas said they requested Hayden to meet with Amanda, but back in October Mellas gave reasons why that was not possible:

Amanda’s stepfather Chris Mellas told the West Seattle Herald, “By judicial decree Amanda could not receive such a visitor, only her family and close friends. Reports that Hayden Panettiere visited Amanda in prison are false

In January this was reported that Knox’s lawyers refused to allow Hayden to meet with Knox:

Lawyers for Knox were not happy with plans to turn the story into a movie before the appeal had been concluded and refused to let Panettiere meet the jailed student.

Hayden’s earlier comments supports the meeting request being denied:

Hayden Panettiere requested to meet with Amanda Knox but her request was refused. “”I wish (I could meet her).” Hayden Panettiere is quoted as saying. “I know the Italian government is being pretty protective of her, her lawyers are being protective of her, which is pretty understandable. It’s something I would like to do, but I’d be more surprised if it happened than if it didn’t.”

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