Italian experts begin review of contested DNA

Via UPI; nothing more then the review has begun.

ROME, Feb. 9 (UPI) — Forensic experts in Italy begin re-examining disputed DNA evidence Wednesday.


This is only a review of the DNA results and evidence of knife and of the bra strap. Not under review is the DNA evidence of the mixed blood drops found in the bathroom and in the other bedroom.

2 thoughts on “Italian experts begin review of contested DNA

  1. Guede could have jumped onto the steep hill outside of the window, then brushed away his footprints in the dirt. Before he hurriedly jumped, he could have also knocked a hard object already inside Filamina’s bedroom, replacing it back, he could have used any one of the items of clothing to grasp things in his hands to not leave fingerprints. He was already inside having a rendezvous with Meredith. Maybe she called him to get high with her and he became aroused.

  2. References to “mixed blood” are incorrect. There is no way to determine if a blood spot containing multiple genetic sources if they are the result of blood or biological material.

    Where the samples were pulled from, floor and bathroom, are areas that would have DNA material deposited by a variety of sources, not just blood. In the bathroom, spit, skin cells, mucus, etc are sources. On a floor, skin cells would be distributed through direct transfer (contact) or even redistributed via dust.

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