Lifetime modifies trailer; limits premiere to outside Italy

Two new versions are now playing of the trailer for the Lifetime movie: “Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy.” A shorter revised one is showing on the US Lifetime cable network, and a longer one is on Youtube and Lifetime’s website. On the Lifetime website, it is no longer billed as a “World Premiere”, though the trailer still contains that tagline at the end of it. According to TV Guide, the film will not show in italy.

Scenes that have been adjusted: all depictions of the murder have been removed from both the trailer and the website. The scene with Guede and Meredith has been removed. New scenes are another shot of the bedroom crime scene, and two scenes of a knife drawer and the knife entered into evidence.

On the US cable network version, the tagline is now “Alone and accused in a foreign country. Included is what looks to be a scene of Sollecito running into Guede in the girls’ apartment.” Sollecito is shown carrying a large knife as he runs into Guede. This again ties into the story Guede told in his defense but not held by the court, the juries, or the defenses for Knox & Sollectio.

The scene of Meredith & Guede in bed is no longer included, replaced by a scene of meredith alone in bed:

New to the trailer is a focus on (presumably) Sollecito’s silverware drawer and the knife entered in as evidence:

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