18 thoughts on “Lifetime movie liveblog

  1. snippets of tv reports of american & 1 british reporter to start out the movie.

    “based on a true story.”

    pan shots of perugia, cars driving around- polezia car driving. pulls up to house
    knox & sollecito outside.
    waiting expecently.
    introduce themselves to postal poilce.
    no comment from knox/sollecito yet on break-in.
    “starting to freak me out a little bit.”
    sollecito finally says “looks like someone broke in.”
    knox “scared to go in there again.”

    apartment is wrong- furniture. drops of blood is wrong.
    filomena’s room- chair overturned.
    no indication that knox & filomena had a conversation prior.
    only note of locked door from filomena-
    solleciot calls police- “would like to report a break-in.”
    knox calls mother.. someone broke into our hous.
    breaking down meredith’s door right now.
    knox on phone while door breaking down.
    knox looks into the bedroom.

  2. going away party.. hand video of goodbyes

    amanda gets the apartment.. meets meredith.. meets sollecito at the concert..

    moving very quickly.. already up to hanging out with sollecito… which is October 20th.

  3. AK &RS start making out….

    knox writes in her diary sitting on her porch.

    The picnic scene..

    Knox & meredith talk about the chocolate festival.

    M starts getting on Amanda’s case for the cleaning. They get into a little argument.

    AK tells M about raf.

    m- ‘only two months and you already hae yourself an italian boyfriend.’

  4. back to the 2nd… nighel fox, reporter outside as they take away the body in the middle of the night.

    next day… mignini arrives at apartment.
    first mention break-in “satged.”
    migini walks into the room without any protective gear.

    mentions glass on top of clothes.

    mention of luminol latent prints. that didn’t happen until December, after she was arrested.

  5. at the station.. roomates around.

    knox talking about the morning of the 2nd… off handedly.. casually.
    Knox glares at Mignini when he says “You were very brave.. door open.. blood in the bathroom.”

    questioning of RS.

    later in the evening.. after buying underwear.. walk by memorial on steps of school. Mostly just candles- not many people around.

    knox & rs laughing, giggling.

    a month earlier.
    knox talks about getting job at Le Chich.. gets meredith to go down there with her.
    Meets patrick.
    Patrick only needs a waitres 2 nights a week. 50 euro a week, plus tips. M is making a mojito while this is going on. Knox glares at M.
    Patrick asks M to come in once a week to bartend.

    back post-murder. AK, RS smoking in bed. AK wishing it would be over.

    coroners report. Mig-“she was a strong girl, she would have fought.” “how could one person do this much damage.. there must have been multiple people.” “was it rape?” hard to tell. “So, someone had sex with her…”

    forensic evidence indicates several hours after death, bra cut off, body was moved.

    m-“what kind of killer returns to the crime scene.. cleans up.. “

  6. questioning at the station and flashback to the afternoon of the 1st- post-halloween.

    Knox hesitates about saying she smoked a joint that afternoon.

    Knox talking about what she did that evening.. stops and says “i though this was about meredith.” Gets suspisious….

    knox says “smoked another joint, had sex and went to bed.”
    “woke up around 10am.. went back to my house, and i told you all of this already.”

    Mig asks AK to go back to cottage.

    Knox goes back to cottage with Mig.

    Knox tells about M dating.

    Mig reveals that he thinks they used a key, suspectts that the breakk-in was staged.

    Kitchen drawer open in apartment…

    knox starts freaking out, holding head, sobbing. they leave.

    Mig tells knox to put hood over head because of the papparazzi

    Edda and chris argue about Knox being by herself… Edda says she’s going to go to italy

    Bloody footprint looks like shoe, not bare-foot.

    Luminol prints are too small… prints are between 36 & 38.. mig says “knox is a 37.”

    Mig asking filo about Knox’s behaviour.

    Filo telling she and meredith’s friends were a mess.. “amanda and raf were completely detached.”

    fil relates Knox’s comment.. “she died a terrible slow death.. her throat was slit.”

    Mig talking with female investigator.. relates Quinto store owner identifyin knox.

    Knox & RS.. talking about RS’s father.. he says she’s his first real girlfriend.

    Police call.. while they’re walking outside. not going anywhere in particular.

    Only sollecito is called in.. says they just want to talk with him.

    Questioning of RS- interrogator says “you were heavy in narcotics.” interrogator shows records of phone turningg off an on. interrogator questions RS about phones being turned on. Sollecito is nonchalent in his responses.

    Interrogator manhandles RS. Thtreatens RS.

    RS quotes “said a lot of rubbish. Amanda convinced me to say her verion.. i just wanted to protect her. I didn’t think about the contradictions.”

    Ak doing cartwheels.

    Back to RS interrogation.. questioner asks if Ak was in apartment all night
    RS says she went out.. that Ak didn’t come back until 1 in the morning.. don’t know where she was all night.

  7. questioning of AK.. people go in and out… scenes fade in and out of each other..

    police reveal RS no longer provide alibi..

    police asking about patrick.

    Ak says “memories are hazy from that night.”

    police threaten 30 years in jail.

    ak “i didn’t do anything..”

    ak “i’m scared.”

    police suggestion.. “sometimes the mind blocks out trama.. use your imagination.. think about what could of happened. You called patrick.. you were going to see him. and then.”

    ak “im scared.”

    police “try to remember.”

    ak “i did meet up with patrick.. we went back to the house. I stayed in the kitchen. At some point I heard meredith screaming. I was so scared. I can’t remember anything after that. I need some sleep.”

    police… “you’ve become a suspect.. an accomplice to murder. And you have to tell the prosecutor what you told me. Are you ready to do that?”

    Mig outside of interrogaiton..

    patrick arrested.

  8. edda arrives in italy with chris.

    AK & fam talking.

    this was the extended scene on the lifetime site.

    AK tells parents police hit her, smacked her on back of her head.

    AK says she told them patrick did it, but it was more like a vision, not reality.

  9. Migini’s office…investiagor.. no forensic evidence of patrick, patrick has an alibi.

    mig says amanda lied..

    says fingerprint retrieved.. matched it to guede.. first mention of guede.

    AK sees doctor.
    Doctor reveals positive HIV test.
    Doctor says he’ll take a second campl.. asks for a list of all the people AK had sex with… implicationis knox writes it there (knox really wrote it in her diary).
    Guede arrested on the street in germany.
    AK watching arrest on tv in cell
    flashback to party downstaris..
    guede playing guitar…
    they smoke pot
    guede “singingin in an african dialect.”
    back to AK watching TV in cell.
    mig with edda.
    copreveals ‘s story-consensual sex, strange man standing over meredith.. said knox wasn’t involved
    interview with patrick
    “she’s evil, empty, dead inside.”
    ak with doctor
    official results.. HIV test negative.
    AK gets pissed about being told initially HIV positive.
    ak “this whole country, the police, the press… you’re sick”


    edda- “you already hve the man who did this, why is my daugther still in jail.” “she said my daughter wasn’t there.

    recreations of guede’s story- scence with guede making out with meredith.

    Guded runs out and runs into sollecito…

    Guede tries to save meredith.. runs out… runs into F’s bedroom.. looks out of window.
    edda & (mayor?)
    edda- “this system you have over here is absolutely insane.”

    AK & edda.
    “judges have to review before they say prosecution has a case.”
    ak- how long?
    edda- could take up to a year.
    ak- ‘mom ive been in here two months already.’
    edda- ‘they have their own system here. we may not agree with it, we may ont understand it.. but we have to trust them to do the right thing.’


  10. mig announces forensic evidence
    talks about amanda’s behaviour. cartwheels, lies.

    edda & chris review press headlines.
    “trial by media. It can get very vicious.”
    Reviews take-off of daily mail “foxy knoxy” headlines.

    “whoever controls that image wins.”
    Chris- if this thing goes to trial, she could be found guilty before she even steps into court.”
    this is conversation with PR merriot.. ‘we have to get this sotry on the talk show circuit.’
    chris- prosecutor under indictment.
    fake news report- on migini’s indictment.
    italian press headlines on mignin
    moster wof florence.
    migini complaining about the attacks…
    “did I try to clean my guilt away with leach.”
    “this case is going to be tried in a court of law.”
    ak walking into cour ‘like an invitee to a gala event’.
    guede sentence- guilty of murder and sexual assult.
    amanda knox & RS will be tried for murder, sexual assult, theft, and transportation of the knife.

  11. court
    Knox as controller
    like chemicals mixed together….
    arline voiceover as meredith walks in italy

    arline testimony
    “the great sorrow it brought for everyone.”
    “its such a shock to send your daughter away for school and have her not come back.”
    “we will never get over this.”

    migin- aksing filo about relationship between knox & meredith.

    f-“at the end of october there was tension.” meredith complainging about cleaning, strange men. amanda left condoms and vibrater
    ak talking to bestfriend? sister? in jail- f turned on me today
    AK wearing all you need is love shirt
    mig questioning lingere hshop owner.
    shop owner “she said to him, i’m going to take you home for some wild sex tonight.’
    edda questioned outside trial
    reporters ‘talk to us about lingerie shopping spree’
    chris ‘amanda’s amanda’. she’s a special girl
    mig question knox
    knox- .. we were at rs appartment.
    mig- you called your mother at 3am
    knox- i don’t remember that
    mig- no the earlier call is important. 3a in seattle.. noon in perug. notihing had happened. why did you wake your mother up in the middle of the night?
    knox- i didn’t call her hearlier
    mig- testimony & phone record
    knox- ok fine I don’t remember
    mig- questioning about shopowner testimony
    knox- i was asleep at that time
    you must have been mistaken
    mig he was sure it was you
    knox- i’ve been in sthat store before.
    mig- you said were physicall struck in your interrogation tell us
    knox- lots of people.. boom hit in the head
    mig- you falsely accused patrick
    knox- he was the only one the police were interested in. i was confused.
    knox- ive never been interrogated like that before. i was confused and stressed. the police mentione dpatricks name and I had a flashback that patrick was a murder
    knox- later on i ralized that my imanging were not real memories. they were jsut imagination. patrick is innocent.
    mig- you never told police. you never tole me. you didn’t tell anyone to get an innocent man out of prison.
    mig- perhaps you had other reasons to keep patrick on the hook.
    ghirga- objection
    mig- closing
    mig- we’re going to tell you what we think happened during.
    mig- i think they met guede to buy drugs

    recreations of the story mig is telling
    meredith and sollectio go into bedroom
    m & ak arguing.
    mig- time for ak to take reventge
    ak- was amanda who started the fight.
    mig- it is amanda and raf who return later, cut off her bra to make it look like a rape. then amanda covers the body with the quilt.
    mig- amanda & raf ransack room
    mig- bought bleach, scoured the crime scene.. then interrupted by the arrival of the postal police.
    mig- you must give them wht they deserve- life imprisonment.

  12. edda, chris, ak in jail
    testimony of sollecito DNA on bra crasp
    stefanoni testimony
    defense making point bra clasp collected 47 days later.
    defense ‘crime scene technicians in and out
    stefanonin- only one other DNA sample in the house, on a ciggarrete. DNA doesn’t fly
    defense- you admit to making mistake collecting evidence, perhasp you made mistake in lab.

    amanda defense attorney- no dna/etc of amanda knox in the room
    stefanonin-seen numerous stabbings where no dna present
    defense attorney making point about meredith dna on knife.. only five cells
    defense attorney- dna profile on knife.. aksing a defence expert.
    defense expert- only talking about four or five cells
    fact that the sample was so small shows it didn’t come from the victim, but from contamination
    defense expert- based on evidence and autoposy I believe only guede was involved in crime.
    defense expert shows theory of how single attacker could have done it
    ak ‘they say i’m calm’ scene.
    ak ‘mask of assassin’ comment.
    ‘i feel sad, i feel frustrate’.
    ‘i’m sure of what i know, and meredith was my friend. and I would have never hurt her. my conscience is clean. i’d like to thank the proscuetion because they’re doing their job. and even though they don’t understand, they’re trying to bring justice to a person who was taken from this world.

    ak, chris, edda afterward.. ‘did a great job tody’ ‘connected with jury’
    edda-‘i bought you a plane ticket’
    ak- ‘one way to seattle, that’s a relief’.
    reading of guilty sentence.
    26 years.
    RS 25 years

  13. arline looks at edda across courtroom
    amanda taken away by police.
    outside as amanda goes to care. parents try to reach her.
    amanda in back of police van.

  14. closing comments-
    perugia police deny amanda was hit
    parents under indictment
    migini convicted of abuse of power, suspended sentance
    appeal- won right to introduce new evidence, have existing evidence reviewed.

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