Experts resume reviewing the knife DNA evidence

Italian News sources are reporting that the experts appointed by the appeals court are reviewing the DNA evidence  Wednesday and possibly even thursday, to be completed by May 9th for presentation on May 21st.

Italia news :

Domani i professori Carla Vecchiotti e Stefano Conti riprenderanno la perizia sul coltello e sul gancetto del reggiseno di Meredith Kercher.


Le conclusioni della perizia scientifica verranno depositate invece entro il 9 maggio e verranno discusse nell’udienza del 21 maggio.


3 thoughts on “Experts resume reviewing the knife DNA evidence

  1. If its Amanda’s dna only mixed with the victim’s blood, that would be perfectly logical being as they both used that bathroom sink for femenine higeine.

  2. Filamina also may have said she closed the shutters, but may have actually left them ajar. I think also that she was not very good friends with Amanda and did not understand her, being as they are from different cultural backgrounds. Afterall, she had only been acquainted with her for two short months. Also, maybe Amanda is usually an early riser for classes, but not on a night where she didn’t have to get up early the next day for any reason. Her and Raffiello were not set to any schedule and were most likely sleeping in and did not want to be bothered early. There is a reasonable explaination. Maybe Amanda wanted to be alone at home to use her own shower and change into a different set of clothes. She had just spent the night with Raffiello. Was she checked for his semen to cooberate her story that she had had sex with him that night? Can’t that be detected how long sperm stays in a woman’s vagina and set a time frame? If that wasn’t done, then maybe the investigative should have done that to protect Amanda and cooberate her alibi, before her boyfriend decided to change his story because he got scared. Now he is just being advised by his legal team to stick tohis story to protect his own hide.

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