Where was Amanda Knox when she called filomena?

In the stories told by Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, Amanda is in four different places when she calls Filomena:

  1. On the way to Raffaele’s after showing at home. (Waiting to Be Heard, Amanda)
  2. At Raffaele’s  (2 references: email home, Amanda, 4-Nov-2007; Trial testimony, Amanda 12-Jun-2009)
  3. With Raffaele on the way back to her house (Honor Bound, Raffaele)
  4. With Raffaele at her own house. (Prison Diary, Raffaele, 7-Nov-2007)

The quotes from each source:

Amanda’s version (Waiting to be Heard):

Forgetting the nine-hour time difference between Perugia and Seattle, I pressed the number sequence for home. My mom did not say hello, just “Amanda, are you okay? What’s wrong?” It was the middle of the night in Seattle, and she was worried.

“I’m on my way back to Raffaele’s,” I said, “but I just wanted to check in. I found some strange things in my house.” I explained my reasons for worrying. then I asked, “What do you think I should do?”

“Call your roommates,” she said. “Go tell raffaele, and call me right back.” Hearing Mom’s voice calmed me. It can’t be that bad, I thought. I’m out of the house. Nothing happened. I’m safe. No one’s in danger.

I called Filomena first, and was relieved when she picked up.


I called Meredith on her british phone.


By that time, I was back at Raffaele’s.

Amanda Knox, email home, Nov 4, 2007

after we had used the mop to clean up the kitchen i told raffael about what i had seen in the house over breakfast. the strange blood in the bathroom, the door wide open, the shit left in the toilet. he suggested i call one of my roommates, so i
called filomena. filomena had been at a party the night before with her boyfriend marco (not the same marco who lives downstairs but we’ll call him marco-f as in filomena and the other can be marco-n as in neighbor).

Amanda Knox, trial testimony, June 12, 2009

When I got back to his house, I…he was in the bathroom, and I started to clean  up the floor in the kitchen. […] That’s why I wanted to ask Raffaele. So he suggested I ask my roommates. So first I called Meredith, who didn’t answer, and then I think I called Filomena, and she explained to me that Laura was in Rome, and that I should call back Meredith and then return to the house to see if there was anything stolen.

Raffaele’s version (Honor Bound):

“Perhaps we should drop the mop off at the house and take another look,” she suggested. “It won’t take more than a few minutes.” I agreed and suggested she call her housemates to see if they had any idea what was going on.

On the walk over, Amanda reach Filomena at a holiday fair on the outskirts of Perugia. (Honor Bound, p 24)

Raffaele Sollecito, Prison Diary, Nov 7th

The morning Amanda woke up before me and I did not make to raise
myself, therefore I remained to sleep while she went to shower at her
house. I don’t remember if I had breakfast before or after Amanda
returned to my house. I don’t remember how she was dressed day 1, but I’m sure that she had changed and had put on the white skirt and her usual black hiking shoes. She was cleaned up and had brought me a mop in order to help me to dry the floor around the sink. The evening
before I had put only rags on the floor and they were not enough.
After that I cleaned up the floor and perhaps I made breakfast around
11:30-12:00 I changed clothes and we went out. She meanwhile had
spoken to me about the fact that she had found something strange at
her house. That is that she had found the front door opened, feces in
the bathroom of the Italian girls and blood in their bathroom. While
we came down from Corso Garibaldi she expressively demanded that I go to see in her house what had happened. The investigators have asked me if she had said to report something but (unfortunately I now say) it’s not like that: all of which I have said I have made of my spontaneous will.

As soon as we arrived in the house I put aside the mop in the entrance
and I directed myself towards the other rooms in order to see what the
devil had happened. Those moments I remember well because I was shaken and alarmed. I seem to have seen that Amanda had taken the mop bucket and it carried it in to another room (from the text not shown, but evidently the mop had been brought back to house of Meredith and Amanda). The first thing I noticed was that the room of Filomena (called Molli) had the door wide open.

Meanwhile loitering at the house and counseling Amanda to call friends Filomena, Laura, Meredith.And so, after that she did, she told me that Laura was in Viterbo, Filomena was with her boyfriend and would come later and finally Meredith did not respond. We took a turn around the house and Amanda is terrified and jumps on me because she tells me that in the toilet there was no more shit because presumably before, when she was taking a shower,

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