King 5 ignores Italian Supreme Court rulings, relies on annulled verdict

On Thursday night, King 5 broadcast the third evening segment on Linda Byron’s interview of Amanda Knox. This is the final segment… until a longer special airs on Sunday. In the first segments, King 5 deliberately decided to not report that Amanda Knox is currently appealing the original conviction.  In the third segment, Linda Byron just simply ignores the Italian court processes.

In 2013, the Italian Supreme court annulled the acquittals of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. Linda Byron pretends that this ruling does not exist. After this acquittal, the case was sent back to the appellate level. The appeals court in Florence is hearing the appeal of Knox and Sollecito’s 2009 convictions.

Linda has made a little progress in reporting accurately- she now uses the word “appeal” in relation to the current process.  Her accuracy is short-lived, as Linda completely misreports on the current appeals process

[Knox is following] the Italian appeals court that’s deciding who got it  right; the Perugia court which convicted her in 2009, or one that  acquitted her in 2011

Lets be clear on this point- the 2011 acquittal was annulled, completely tossed out. The judgement on that acquittal was not by the current court, but by…yes… the Supreme Court. The current appellate court will decided to uphold the 2009 convictions, or to overturn them.

Yet reporter Linda Byron proceeds in her entire third segment as if a Supreme Court ruling didn’t exist.

Although her murder conviction was overturned two years ago, Knox is on trial again.


She’s once again on trial in Italy for the 2007 murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher.

Even worse, Linda cites results of the annulled acquittal:

..but the appeals court that set her free dismissed [Knox’s ‘confessions’] as unreliable.


..the court that exonerated Knox didn’t agree [with the results from the DNA tests on the knife], but the appeals court retrying her case asked for new tests on the knife.

Linda Byron ignores a Supreme Court ruling, but constantly refers to the one trial that legally is no longer valid!

The only mention of a Supreme Court ruling in the third segment comes from Knox, but it refers to a future ruling:

“I think that I will be acquitted,” Knox said of the third trial. “I think the [Italian] supreme court will uphold that acquittal and it will be done.”

In the second segment aired the day before this segment, Linda talked about Knox being “re-convicted” or “convicted again.” There is no need for the Italian courts to “re-convict” Knox, as the original conviction still exists.  The Supreme Court tossed out the acquittal decisively. The annulling of the acquittal was not because Italy simply wanted to “retry” her:

In conclusion, the challenged judgment [the acquittal] must be annulled due to the numerous deficiencies, contradictions and manifest lack of logic…

-Italy Supreme Court, 18/6/2013

As seen in a previous post, King 5 IS aware that the Supreme Court annulled the acquittals, and Amanda Knox is again appealing her conviction.

Why do they continue pretending otherwise?

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