Response to “On the media” interview with Burleigh @onthemedia

US news org “On the media” does an interview with Nina Burleigh, author of “The Fatal Gift of Beauty.” This is my response to their report:

1- You fail to mention that the Italian Supreme Court annulled Knox’s acquittal PRIOR to the current re-hearing of Knox’s appeal for her original conviction. Knox supporters like to pretend the Supreme Court didn’t annul the acquittal. 

2- You talk about “trial by media”, but fail to acknowledge the bias in the US for hometown girl Amanda Knox.

3- You fail to mention that it was the british TABLOIDS that reported on the “foxy knoxy” moniker.

4- The video of them kissing wasn’t “leaked”… news reporters were standing nearby and videoed them.

5- Your interviewee admits she was not there for the first two years after the murder, so you are talking to someone who is giving a second-hand description of what the scene was like immediately after the murder was discovered.

6- Physical evidence against Knox was her DNA found mixed with the murder victim’s blood and DNA in multiple rooms of the house. Knox’s blood was also found on the bathroom tap the morning the murder was discovered.

7- Guede didn’t “show up”.. he was stopped in Germany on the train as he returned to Perugia to turn himself in.

8- You fail to actually look at the evidence, and instead claim that everyone who believes in Knoxs involvement is only influenced by the media.

9- There is no evidence to support the claim of national pride- two italians have also been convicted of participation in the murder of Meredith Kercher.

10- For the crime to be “simple” and for Knox to be innocent, you have to resort to claims of: police incompetence, contamination, prosecutor vendetta, conspiracy, and massive coincidence making Knox the second most unlucky person in the world in Nov 2007.

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2 thoughts on “Response to “On the media” interview with Burleigh @onthemedia

  1. Pataz — another excellent article — how did I miss this one? Ninny Burleigh acting a fool as she so often does — no matter how many times you repeat the obvious to the AK defenders, you’ll never enlighten those who choose to be remain ignorant!

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