New evidence emerges independent investigators weren’t so independent

Dr. Hampikian, a consultant for #AmandaKnox defense and long-time innocence advocate, previously claimed his research was rejected by the Italian court. A recent news segment states the independent investigators received and replicated Hampikian’s research.

If Conti and Vecchiotti received and replicated Dr. Hampikian’s research, this raises serious questions about the independence of Conti & Vechhiotti’s report to the Italian court.

BREAKING NEWS: In an Idaho news clip, a reporter suggests research from Knox defense consultant Greg Hampikian was provided to the “independent investigators” selected by the Hellmann appeals court. The reporter states that Hampikian’s research “was relayed to the Italian lab appointed by the judge in the retrial of Amanda Knox. And that team replicated the work done by Dr. Hampikian.” (at 1:59 in the clip)

The independent investigators are Conti and Vecchiotti, who appear in the recent Nextflix film “Amanda Knox” by directors Rod Blackhurst and Brian Mcginn and producer Stephen Robert Morse. Conti and Vecchiotti are presented in the film suggesting contamination of two of the items of DNA evidence.

Hampikian previously stated that his research and previous report was rejected by the Italian appeals court, which leaves the question of how did the independent investigators obtain Hampikian’s research?

The investigators  were selected by the Hellmann court to independently review DNA evidence in the ongoing case.

If the independent lab indeed received the research done by Knox innocence advocate Greg Hampikian, and the Italian investigators simply replicated Hampikian’s research, as stated by the Boise news report, it raises serious questions about the validity of their “independent” research.


Greg Hampikian with Chris Mellas


Dr. Greg Hampikian is a professor at Boise State University, and the director of the Idaho Innocence Project (also based at Boise State). Dr. Hampikian has advocated for Knox’s innocence, but his true role in Knox’s case has not been known. News reports have claimed that he was pivotal in Knox’s acquittal and that he actually analyzed the DNA in the case. Despite his many media appearances, Dr. Hampikian’s true role and activity in defense of Amanda Knox still isn’t known.

The complication is that there is, if Hampikian’s research was rejected by the courts, there is (supposedly) no way that any of Dr. Hampikian’s own research had a role in Knox’s appeal. The Perguian court appointed what were supposed to be “independent” experts (who, curiously, cited many US state “standards” when submitting their report).


How could Dr. Hampikian’s research have led to Knox’s acquittal if, as Hampikian stated, the courts rejected his letter and research? This is a simple question that has yet to be answered.

Boise State Public Radio had an interview in 2013 with Dr. Hampikian where he claims “I was a DNA analyst with the defense team and I’ve been working on the case about three years now with them.” (Boise State Public Radio, March 2013). Hampikian actually started his advocacy for Amanda Knox as early as November 2009, when he  signed on to a letter in questioning the DNA evidence against Knox. Hampikian, in an interview, stated that this letter and Dr. Hampikian’s subsequent reports were rejected by the Italian court

The independent investigators were selected by the Hellmann appellate court in January, 2011, a year and a half after Hampikian joined Knox’s advocacy campaign.


Dr. Hampikian (C); Chris Mellas (R)

After the Hellman court acquitted Knox, the English language press reported that Dr. Hampikian had a roll in freeing her. Idaho news station KTVB has had several articles and interviews with Dr. Hampikian. Even as late as January of 2014 , KTVB reported that he “helped analyze the DNA in this case” (KTVB, Jan 2014). He frequently told crowds “I know what happened,” suggesting he had an insider’s knowledge of the case (Spokesman Review, Oct 2011). Even his own university reported that he had a “key role in analyzing the DNA at the center of the case” (Boise State, May 2011). Another source reported that it was actually Dr. Hampikian who found Guede’s DNA! (Boise Weekly, Oct 2011)

However in a later interview, Dr. Hampikian corrected the reporter that he did not testify at Knox’s trial, though he went to Perugia. He said that what he needed was on disk and paper, thus he never had any access to the DNA in the case. The reporter unfortunately did not ask him to clarify what role he actually had in Knox’s appeal.

Reporter Andrea Vogt previously filed a Freedom of Information request with Boise State University for emails and documents related to the Knox case. The lawyers for the university refused to fulfill the request, citing both attorney-client privileges AND trade secrets.

Related: Hampikian talks on the radio days after the independent investigators were appointed describing that there is only evidence of Rudy Guede.


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