Fox news gets a “D” for their misleading report

If ABC News fed the beast of American jingoism, Fox News provided the dessert. (Liberals in the US will hardly be surprised.)

Yesterday, I reported on the misleading report published by ABC News. Their report took seventeen (17!) paragraphs before they correctly called the latest “retrial” an appeal. But by the time ABC News talked about this week’s proceedings as an appeal, they already used the word appeal five other times referring to other things, which prevents any average reader from understanding that the current trial is an appeal.

Fox News does slightly better; they only take 16 paragraphs before almost describing the current process as an “appeal.” They don’t actually call the proceedings an appeal- they talk about the outcome of the current proceedings as an “appeal verdict.” Fox News also uses “appeal” or “appellate” five other times, referring to the first annulled appeals trial and ruling. Again, by the time readers gets to the paragraph that mentions an “appeal verdict,”¬† they have no basis for understanding what “appeal verdict” means.

Fox News also does slightly better in stating that the acquittal was overturned, but they follow the rest of the US mainstream media by referencing the acquittals ruling to create an interesting story.  A ruling that has no current legal basis in the proceedings in Italy, as it was tossed out by the Italian supreme court.

The processes going on in Italy is an appeal by Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito against their conviction for murder. It is NOT the third try to find them guilty. They have already been found guilty by the first court, and they are appealing that decision. The guilty conviction is provisional until all appeals are exhausted and the supreme court approves a final ruling.

In the United States, both state and the US supreme court toss cases back to the appellate level all the time.

Experts resume reviewing the knife DNA evidence

Italian News sources are reporting that the experts appointed by the appeals court are reviewing the DNA evidence  Wednesday and possibly even thursday, to be completed by May 9th for presentation on May 21st.

Italia news :

Domani i professori Carla Vecchiotti e Stefano Conti riprenderanno la perizia sul coltello e sul gancetto del reggiseno di Meredith Kercher.


Le conclusioni della perizia scientifica verranno depositate invece entro il 9 maggio e verranno discusse nell’udienza del 21 maggio.