Amanda Knox’s “experts” disagree on nature of evidence

Knox’s three “experts” fundamentally disagree on the nature of the evidence against Knox. It seems that no stone will be left unturned as her supporters continue to blame everyone and everything for Knox’s woes.

Knox has had a number of “experts” come to her defense, including two former FBI agents and a DNA scientist. These three all argue for Knox’s innocence, despite having fundamentally different views on the nature of the evidence against Knox.

Greg Hampikian is the director of the Idaho Innocence Project. He penned a letter to the Italian courts questioning the DNA used to convict Knox. Though Hampikian had no formal role in Knox’s defense, he conducted multiple interviews in the US where it was advertised that he was in part responsible for Knox’s release. He also frequently informed people he ‘knew what happened.’ Hampikian believes the evidence was collected well, but the investigator used shakier evidence in the case against Knox. This is a quote from a CNN article that interviewed Hampikian:

GRIFFIN: Greg Hampikian is a forensic scientist and director of Idaho’s Innocence Project. He also was working with the Knox defense team. He says Italian investigators did a good job processing the crime scene, collected excellent evidence, but clung to shakier evidence that proved their theory, a classic error, says Hampikian

Steve Moore is a former FBI agent who has been one of Knox’s strongest advocates. His view on the evidence completely counters Dr. Hampikian’s assessment of the evidence. In written testimony to a subcommittee of the House of Representatives in congress, Moore charges that the evidence against Knox is fabricated:

In the Knox case, we had rooms full of tainted and fabricated evidence to argue.

Jim Clemente is a recent addition to the Knox camp. He has admitted to basing his judgment on looking at photos of the crime scene then talking to his buddy, Steve Moore. Oddly, though, for over a month now Jim Clemente has avoided saying whether he agrees with this buddy Moore regarding the evidence being fabricated. Clemente does believe that people (presumably officials in Italy) are lying about Knox’s involvement, but Clemente to this day hasn’t said he agrees with his buddy, Steve Moore.