“Unlucky” innocent defendants

You know what they said about Adnan in Serial? Something like “If he’s innocent, he’s the unlikeliest person alive.”

Sorry- if Knox is innocent, then there’s someone unluckier than Adnan:
Forensic chemicals revealing bare footprints matching Knox’s foot size
Coincidentally, a bare foot print in the victims blood on the bathmat with no prints leading up to it
Coincidentally, Knox’s DNA found mixed with Merediths in those same bare foot prints revealed through the use of Luminol which matched her foot size
Coincidentally, only Knox’s DNA being mixed with Meredith’s blood in the bathroom
Coincidentally, only Knox’s DNA found in one of the luminol prints in another roommate’s bedroom
Coincidentally, Knox and Sollecito’s cell phones turned off during the time Meredith was murdered.
Coincidentally, only Sollecito’s DNA ending up on the bra clasp in meredith’s room, not the DNA of any of the other three individuals who lived in the house
Coincidentally, Knoxs own blood found on the tap in the bathroom that meredith’s blood was found in
Coincidentally, erroneous cell tower evidence undermining Knox’s alibi
Coincidentally, Knox’s boyfriend refusing to affirm that Knox stayed with him all evening
Coincidentally, Knox and Sollecito’s memories of this critical time period fogged by the use of drugs
Coincidentally, a rocky relationship between Knox and Meredith prior to the murder

More yet to come…

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One thought on ““Unlucky” innocent defendants

  1. The difference is that there is so much evidence against Amanda Knox that it would take hours to list it all. The only evidence against Adnan Syed is the word of a self-admitted liar. And yet here in America we pretend only places like Italy convict on ‘so little evidence’? I believe Syed is innocent. I believe Knox is guilt.

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