Appeal process

For info on the appeal process, see the article on the true justice site. In short, the judges report regarding the conviction is due out by March 5th, and is only a report that provides the basis for the conviction. It cannot nor will not overturn the conviction.

The date for the appeal hearings hasn’t been set, and won’t be for a while; the appeals court has to receive and review the documents of the case. The appeal hearings are expected to start in the fall, and from comments it will sometime next year for that process to complete.

Appealing to the supreme court is similar to appealing to the supreme court in italy; it is an appeal on application of points of the law, not the whole case.

Quote after the more:

From the true justice site:

“Once one or more parties to the trial requests an appeal, within 15 days from the day such Motivation report is communicated, the competent court will then acquire all the documentation regarding the case. The court will then notify all parties of the beginning of the hearing at least 20 days before the commencement day.

As mentioned above, the appeal process in Italy is a brand new trial where all evidence and testimony is analyzed in the same terms as the first trial. The standards are however higher. The president of the Appeal Court of Assizes is in fact a judge from the Supreme Court of Cassation (the members of the Supreme Court are actually called “Consiglieri”). The requisites for being one of the 6 jurors are also higher. They must be all holding a high school degree (in the first trial the minimum required is only a middle school education).”

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