“But she lived there!”

This statement, which attempts to justify Knox’s DNA mixed with Meredith’s blood and DNA ignores the circumstances in which the mixed DNA and blood was found:

1. In another roommates PRIVATE bedroom
2. In the room with the supposed “break-in” 
3. In the footprints revealed through the use of the forensic chemical luminol.
4. With evidence that Meredith’s blood was tracked outside of her room (as is patently obvious from the bathroom)
5. In a spot that you would expect to find blood tracked from Meredith’s bedroom to the bathroom.
6. With evidence that both Knox and Meredith were bleeding that evening/the next day (Knox’s blood was on the bathroom tap).

Knox’s supporters want you to believe that finding Knox’s DNA under ALL of the circumstances listed above is somehow not incriminating. The courts ruled otherwise. 

One thought on ““But she lived there!”

  1. If you get a chance to see the BBC documentary, I’m sure you have Pat, seeing the film in HD in the bathroom is quite chilling. No way did Amanda take a shower that morning in that bathroom.
    Earlier today in another place you quote an Italian lawyer saying the facts of the case have be decided and the appeal now will only be based on points of law. Its case closed.

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